Upperhand is a Gin that takes a different path

A simple, distilled dry gin recipe, created in Ireland through the delicate mysteries of the distiller’s art. A blend of juniper, basil, dill and citrus notes, creating the perfect balance of subtle flavours. Above all, Upperhand is about being the finest we can be: whatever it takes to get there. No corners cut. All avenues explored.


Meaning & Symbolism:

UPPERHAND In English, particularly in the sports field, when the outsider, or underdog, surprises everybody, winning a competition or a match we say:The underdog got the upperhand

XI Is the common number in the life of the owner of Upperhand. According to numerology, the number Eleven, is a master number and represents Justice and Power and particularly Power acquired through Merit and Values in a positive sense. The meaning of the number 11, therefore, is related to the words "Justice" and "Power".

The Woman and the Lion Power...In the Tarot cards, the number XI is the card of Strength and is represented by a woman that dominates a lion.


The best botanicals are produced in countries where there is a big difference in temperature between day and night. This is why, we choose Italy for most of our botanicals.


Sourced from Tuscany there needs to be a high percentage of juniper in the product before it can properly be called Gin.


Sourced from Liguria and a highly representative herb from Italy, used in typical Italian cuisine. Added benefits of antidepressant effects.


Sourced from Sicily, bringing a zesty kick to our gin with the added detox qualities and making the taste rounded and refreshing.


Sourced from Ireland,  the hints of dill compliments the gin whilst aiding as a digestive and brings the luck of the irish.



Enjoy this award winning gin at home today.


The Underdog will get the Upperhand