The Lafferty’s Story

The Lafferty's are an Irish family who moved from Donegal to Scotland at the end of the 19th century. Once in Scotland, some of the family started working as contractors in coal mines, with the others opting for the spirit industry. This story comes up to date with Claudia and Alberto, with the couple on a journey to create a growing range of premium spirits in Scotland. They also bring the influence and ingredients of the Mediterranean.

Claudia & Alberto

Claudia, a descendant of Lafferty's, was born in Scotland. Her mum was an Opera singer and father, who is Italian was commander of merchant ships. After she was born, her parents moved the family to Tuscany, Italy.

Claudia began her working life at some of the prestigious wineries in this area, developing a huge passion and knowledge of wines.

Alberto was born in the northeast of Italy, a territory famous for sparkling wine and grappa. Working on the family vineyard, helping his father and grandparents with the niche production of wine and understanding the process of producing Grappa through the distillation of the grape marcs.

Even when busy with a sports career, Alberto always found time to cultivate his passion for spirits, ready for the day he would create his own.

From Donegal To Scotland (Via Italy). A crossroads of cultures between the Laffertys from Ireland and the Italian roots of Alberto create a unique story and range of products.


The call of Scotland

More than a hundred years later, the union of Claudia and Alberto, has brought the couple to Scotland, bringing with them a flavour of the Mediterranean. The next chapter of the story will include a new distillery in Scotland, where they can develop their family of premium gins and whisky. The Lafferty connection with Scotland endures with an exciting future in store.